Frequently asked questions
1. What does the optimizer API allow to do? The OptimizeImages API allows you to scan sites, compress and convert images as well as generate zips with all optimized images.
2. What are the limits of OptimizeImages? Both the tool and the use of the api are limited to the bandwidth related to your account plan.
3. How should I know which compression level is best for me? We currently have 3 levels of compression available: Recommended, medium and ultra. Recommended compression is a "lossless" optimization. This means there is no loss of image quality. Medium and Ultra compression are more powerful, so the picture quality will be somewhat reduced. The weight of the image will be much less.
4. How does the optimization process work? The image optimization process is performed on our servers. Once done, Imagify returns the optimized image to your server. We do not edit images’ title or any other information, so there is nothing further to be done on your end.
5. Which formats can be optimized? OptimizeImages can optimize jpgs, pngs, svgs and gifs (whether animated or not).
6. What compression formats are available? Currently you can compress and convert your images to more efficient formats such as WEBP or AVIF
7. How long are images stored by OptimizeImages? The images optimized by our tool have a duration of 3 hours to be downloaded from our servers, after that time you will only be able to access the compressed image if it is optimized again